About The Farm

Growing foods in volatile environments is hard. Whether that’s a super-hot or frigid cold environment. And what about growing seasons? In Canada in particular they are short. Food sustainability is a problem – all over the world. Currently in Alberta, where we reside, it is estimated that we have three (3) day’s worth of food supply on hand.

We aim to change that.

How you ask? By using technology. Agriculture is undergoing rapid change. Light spectrum technology and vertical, indoor growing methods are changing the industry. Food, grown organically in your “indoor” backyard is a reality. Reducing our carbon foot print is one of our core values. Teaching children where our food comes from is another. Farm to table just isn’t a cliché word in our house – it’s how we are building our company. It’s how we live our lives.

We are on the forefront of this new agricultural wave and we couldn’t be happier leading the way. The Harvest Hub’s first, indoor vertical urban farm is underway. We are having better than expected results and invite you over to take a look. You won’t even get your shoes dirty!


We’d love to have you out to our farm! We’ve currently built a state-of-the-art production facility in the middle of Calgary. We’ve enjoyed so much success that we are under negotiation to build out next space in Calgary’s newest agricultural park.

Call us for a tour today. (403) 988-1605

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