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We are currently growing saffron on a large scale. If you are interested in this crop or what we are growing next for your store, your restaurant or for distribution, give us a call.


Are you a food distributor? Are you a restaurateur? Interested in building your own farm? We work with folks who want to build a vertical, indoor urban farms for their own use or for profit. Using our growing technology, we focus on urban spaces using architectural space planning. Our farms are the most deep and diverse you will find. You can grow anything from vines, to deep root vegetables.

Are You A Distributor Or Restaurant?

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We’d love to have you out to our farm! We’ve currently built a state-of-the-art production facility in the middle of Calgary. We’ve enjoyed so much success that we are under negotiation to build out next space in Calgary’s newest agricultural park.

Call us for a tour today. 403-123-4567

Explore Harvest Hub and all it has to offer!

Are you a distributor, restaurant? Let’s chat about building a farm in your location.