About Us

Why build a technology driven year-round farm?

We always promised ourselves that the only business we would build next would have to include three things – a soul, our family and contribute towards the future in a meaningful way. Thus, the Harvest Hub was born.

We started like all entrepreneurs do – at home. We bought a grow tower out the US and changed our living room into a farm and science lab.

Once we vetted that our idea was good and we talked to everyone who would listen to us, we left our living room and built a full-scale farm lab about the size of an acre. It’s taken us all over the world now – London, Las Vegas and Philadelphia to name a few places. To learn what’s available in technology, how to grow vegetables, using the latest and greatest technology driven growing methods.

What we really learned was astonishing, no one was really attempting what we were – growing vines and deep root vegetables. I can’t tell you the elation we felt when we pulled our first radish out of the biochar in our farm and there it is was in all its glory – ready to eat. Funny looking since two were giant radishes, the others smaller. We are learning about nutrients at an astronomical rate! But none the less it worked. That’s all we needed to go live into the big wide world.

We are now embarking on our first large scale facility in Calgary’s new agricultural hub focused on innovation. Our goal is to solve the food sustainability problem in the world. Grow food where traditionally you haven’t been able to using technology and taking traditional growing methods and improving upon them. No more traveling thousands of miles to just get a fresh carrot in the middle of winter. It’s a lofty goal we know, but our goal is to leave this world, better than we found it. Create community around urban food and each our daughter that you can change anything you want with vision, drive and determination.

If you are interested in building your own, urban farm – give us a call. We’d be happy to talk with you about how to use our growing methods and technology. Whether or not you use it for your own use, or for profit. There is nothing better than becoming a farmer and an entrepreneur! We can wait to help build more entrepreneurs!

If you are interested in our produce or what we are growing next for your store, your restaurant or for distribution, give us a call.

Sean Fillion & Alina Martin

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